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Tactile timer using vibration to alert the user



Ring Ring?

Many college students live together in cramped areas. because of their lack of sleep, many need a  very loud alarm  to wake up in time for classes.  These overly loud alarms often unnecessarily  wake up other roommates  and ruin their sleep just so one can wake up.

Hey Gabe!

Gabe is a sophomore in college who dorms with four other people.  He cranks his alarm all the way up to wake him up after his four hour “sleep”.  He needs an alarm that will easily   wake him up, but not his roommates. 

What makes MUJI MUJI?

I understood MUJI's design language through reading Kenya Hara's book, White.  The lead MUJI designer spoke of the design philosophy being empty, honest, and embracing the user and environment.

Get Sketchy

Form exploration through paper and SketchBook Pro.  Finding out what  different ways I could keep track of time.  Alternative ways to communicate?  How I could make an alarm?  

final mockup spread.jpg

Explore form

Form exploration through physical models made of cardboard, yellow foam, and modulan.  What  form would fit MUJI?  Also experimenting with  different interactions.  Swivel?  Twist? Pull?  Eventually deciding on a spinning based interaction.


(Sound) the Alarm

Reducing the clock to the  simplest form  yet still having a unique twist would allow for a   wider array  of accessibility as there are so many  different types of people  who are college students. 


The  quick  interaction

 gives more time  for a busy day ahead.

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