water drums to drive interaction and socializing in lakes

1 month project at ENSCI, Paris


Hikers in America are  18-29 years old 


of young adults admit to  being on their phones   while socializing 


an average person 

 opens his/her phone  a day

Keeping the Flow

Phones have  distracted people  from participating in physical activities and socialization.  One way of supporting mental health and  socializing  is through hiking nature, specifically  around water. 

How might we socialize outdoors?

Taking inspiration from  hip hop music  for its  mass appeal  and  simplicity  of production consistenting of the 808, high hat, and a good sample.  Also trying to keep a visual spectacle to support the audio.

Tuning different girth and length tubes 



Making the  high hat  sounds by using rice to simulate how   pebbles from the lake  would rattle under tight canvas



Exploring visuals to compliment the sound

3 players

3cm diameter 2mm thick brass for  third octave 

4cm diameter

2mm thick for

 second octave 

Oak wood to float

while resisting rotting

2 players

4cm diameter

1mm thick for

second octave

oak wood to float

while not rotting as fast

3cm diameter 1mm thick brass for third octave