Memory Box

A tool for creativity and communication in Alzheimer's patients and caretakers/visitors


Hours provided by caregivers in 2020


Americans with Alzheimer's disease


of Americans above 65 have Alzheimer's disease

How might Alzheimer’s Disease patients remember and communicate with their loved ones?


Created after shadowing my own grandmother with late stage Alzheimer's disease and following advice from Maitri compassionate care

Patients forget faces last so I will be using faces to communicate stories between patient and caregiver.


Load different slides to communicate faces in stories or as a creative activity


Uses markers to create any unique features

open internals.JPG

Single piece die-cut cardboard

final exploded.png
midterm cutaway view.png

Light shines through paper referencing light projectors common in schools and presentations in the 1970s


Click pull lever referencing ceiling fan switches common homes built in 1970s-90s