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Accessible companion robot for elderly homes and hospitals



 Elderly home residents  suffer from depression


 People aged over 65  suffer from depression


 Adults over 60 in the US    suffer from a mental illness 

Meet Paro

Paro is a  socially assistive robot  made for   therapy  to be used by hospital patients and extended care facilities.


The Problem

Paro is too reliant on the form of a  baby seal  and the user being attracted to stuffed animals and pets.  There are many people who don't like animals.  The robot is $3000 and the  heavy price  tag keeps many people in need who can't afford it.

How might we make Paro accessible without relying on looking like a baby seal?


Researching what components make the robot more expensive and whether they are necessary when Paro is not in a seal form

Creating different concepts of companion robots based off five  different emotions   and whether they could be made in the present or the near future.

group render4.jpg
group render7.jpg
group render8.jpg

Reducing the concepts down to either a robot to hug or a hoodie robot that hugs you.  I chose the first as it is more  technologically feasible and easy to understand for the elderly. 

group render6.jpg
group render3.jpg
group render5.jpg

Alternate manufacturing = Alternate Forms

Material Research

Searching for the right materials for my robot based on   comfort, cost, and accessibility 

Choosing specific materials based on  cost, durability, sustainability, and weight 

Get It Together

Exploring as many ways as possible to put together my robot and deciding on  snap parts  as silicone is resistant to glue and it will be the  lowest cost  while also giving a  fun experience  to assemble the robot.

Rules to Abide

Understanding different manufacturing, safety, and health   agencies that regulate  the rules to follow when making this robot

new ortho.jpg

USB-C Charging

detail drawings.jpg

light up eyes react to touch/sound

Speaker/Mic for an ear to listen to

exploded view.6.tif

Eye blinks to convey different emotions

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